The film "Noryang: Sea of Death" is set for a simultaneous release in the United States on December 22nd (Friday)

The film "Noryang: Sea of Death," set to conclude the winter trilogy of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, has secured the top spot in overall movie reservation rates, generating anticipation for its release. As audiences eagerly await its domestic release on December 20th (Wednesday), the movie will also be available across the sea in the United States.

Scheduled for a sequential expansion starting from December 22nd (Friday) in the LA area, "Noryang: Sea of Death" will be showcased in four theaters. This move follows the atypical simultaneous release in the United States for the historical drama "Hansan: Rising Dragon" imported by the same distributor. It signifies international interest in epic films from South Korea, transcending the historical drama genre.

Buoyed by the enthusiastic response, "Noryang: Sea of Death" is set to follow its U.S. release with confirmed openings in Australia and New Zealand on January 4th of the following year. Doris Pfardrescher, CEO of Well Go USA, the distributor for the North American release, expressed excitement, stating, "I am thrilled that audiences will experience the final chapter of this epic trilogy that changed the course of history." She praised director Kim Han-min for bringing to life Admiral Yi Sun-shin's legendary final battle with vivid and breathtaking visuals, capturing the attention of modern audiences.

The movie "Noryang: Sea of Death" is a war action masterpiece depicting Admiral Yi Sun-shin's ultimate battle to completely annihilate the invading Japanese forces attempting to retreat seven years after the outbreak of the Imjin War. CEO Doris Pfardrescher highlighted the director's exceptional work in bringing the legendary final battle of Admiral Yi Sun-shin to the screen with vibrant and breathtaking visuals, immersing modern audiences in a thrilling and captivating experience. The film is set to premiere on December 20th (Wednesday), showcasing a moment of decisive victory and thrilling war action.