VA Corporation Hosts the First Virtual Production Short Film Contest in Korea

VA Corporation announced on the 11th that they will be hosting a virtual production-based short film competition called "VA Virtual Film Festival" with a running time of less than 10 minutes to promote the activation of the virtual production market and foster talent.

VA Corporation has organized the "VA Virtual Film Festival," the first virtual production short film competition in Korea, to enhance industry understanding of virtual production and provide relevant experiences to more creators. There are no genre or theme restrictions, and any director with at least one directing experience can participate.

For the three teams that pass the first round of judging in the competition, various benefits will be provided, including ▲production budget support of 5 million KRW per team ▲VA STUDIO HANAM studio support ▲shooting asset production support ▲discount on rental of shooting equipment ▲virtual production workshops and education support. Additionally, the final winner will receive a cash prize of 10 million KRW, as well as the opportunity to submit and distribute their film at the Cinehub Film Festival.

Applicants who wish to participate can visit the Cinehub website and submit relevant documents, such as a synopsis and screenplay, a production plan (in free format), and a budget breakdown. The submission period is from May 11th (Thursday) to June 28th (Wednesday), and the three winning teams will be selected after the first document review and the second in-person evaluation.

A representative from VA Corporation stated, "In order to actively respond to the rapidly growing content market, we want to provide virtual production education and experience to many creators," and added, "Through this competition, we will spare no effort in discovering talent and supporting the activation of the virtual production market."

Meanwhile, VA Corporation is expanding its content capabilities by showcasing XR live broadcasts, films, dramas, advertisements, music videos, conferences, and virtual humans based on the virtual production technology, along with the virtual studio HANAM, the largest LED wall-based virtual studio in Asia.