We are looking for new members of
VA Corporation to lead a new paradigm of
next-generation content creation.

VA Corporation is a global content creator group made up of top experts in each field.
We provide one-stop production of next-generation content from planning to shooting, editing, VFX, virtual production, studio, branding, and digital marketing of virtual content.


How to apply

  • Please send your resumé by e-mail( or apply through the website.
  • If you need to submit a portfolio, please submit it as a large attachment no more than 20 MB, or send us the URL of your portfolio website.

Hiring Procedure

  • We review the overall relevance to the jobs and professions based on the submitted application.
  • The document screening may take one to two weeks.
Interview, First round
(practical interview)
  • The first round of interviews will cover your practical skillsets.
  • The interview may take one to two hours.
Interview, Second round
(executive interview)
  • For the second round of interviews, we will discuss and openly share thoughts about the work principles, culture,
  • The interview may take one to two hours.

Our Culture

VA Corporation is the only general media content creator group in Korea composed of top experts.
We know that the best teams start with respect and consideration for the individuality of each professional.


This allows us to constantly research and develop for the best results and performance.


We maintain extensive communication from minor issues to project progress.


We do not divide work according to the number of years of service. We distribute tasks according to ability and willingness and support individual growth.


We respect individual work/schedule autonomy.


We do not force extra work or overtime.


We seek an environment where we can grow together as a business partner, not as a family-like relationship.