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VA Corporation is a global storyteller
that challenges the imagination and technology's limits

VA Corporation is a global content creator group consisting of leaders in each field leading the content market.
We offer a one-stop solution for next-generation content production, from content planning to shooting and editing, VFX, virtual production, studio, branding, and digital marketing.
VA Corporation takes virtual production to the next level with technology covering all areas of virtual production,
first-mover advantages, and Asia's largest virtual studio infrastructure.

PUBG Esports Trailer

World-class game, Battlegounds meets Virtual Studio

Life is But a Dream

(Short film directed by Chan-wook Park)

An unknown space that cannot be found in reality was filmed solely with an iPhone in a virtual studio.

ShoppingNT Fashion Show

Virtual fashion show at Opéra Garnier in Paris, France

The Life of Our Lord

(FULL 3D animation of Charles Dickens's masterpiece)

motion-capture-based 3D animation in production, scheduled to be released in North America in 2022

Based on the LED stage, AR, VR, and MR technologies are applied to the planning, production, and implementation of XR immersive content in various fields such as XR live commerce and XR performances.

ETIQA XR Live Shopping

ETIQA Live Commerce was broadcast live using XR Solution.
Naver Shopping Live streaming.

Seoul Institute of the Arts, XR Live Performance

Telematic XR multi-remote live performance integrating three time-spaces of SEOUL-NEW YORK-VIRTUAL

We are hosting interactive conferences or events that enable more active communication with more people by overcoming the physical barriers of face-to-face conferences or events facing the post-COVID era.

if(kakao) Conference

An event to share Kakao's technologies and services, business, partners, corporate culture, and how they work.

Redpen AiCANDO launching event

AiCANDO launching event, a new level of artificial intelligence learning program developed by Kyowon Redpen

By providing customized performances to the audience without the constraints of time and space,
we provide online entertainment full of vivid immersion and colorful joy that cannot be felt at offline events.

Welcome event for the ASEAN-Korea Special Summit

Real-time live performance with 5G K-POP performance

Disney+ Launching Show

Celebration event for the launch of Disney Plus in Korea, Disney’s long-awaited OTT.

DJ ALOK “Under the Full Moon” MV

A music video filmed with world-class artist and producer DJ Alok under the theme of the famous Korean song 'Ganggangsullae'.

Super Junior performance video

Indonesian broadcasting station TRANS MEDIA 20th anniversary performance by Super Junior

We are creating new value for the metaverse by developing a virtual environment that transcends reality by utilizing world-class content production infrastructure and technology.
VA Corporation aims to apply AI technology to various areas of the metaverse,
such as 3D stage implementation based on virtual humans/characters and IP library images to increase the utilization of the platform.

'Navillera' (2021)

Machine learning-based deepfake technology applied (supervision + final source synthesis)

Deep learning technology is applied to scenes that are difficult for human actors to deliver through acting.

2021 New Year’s Eve Live

Machine learning-based deepfake technology applied

Used for video/broadcasting of concerts.

LG AI Research Expert AI Alliance

Selected as an Expert AI Alliance member

Signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for Super Giant AI technology-based AI Human for metaverse service innovation business.

Through collaboration with VA Mofac, which has the best VFX technology and know-how in Korea,
we are continuing research and developing cases to create a virtual human that can be implemented and controlled in real-time.


Participated in an asset enhancement project for the launch video

In-house development of 3 types of virtual humans

Creation of virtual humans of various races from Asians to Caucasians

AI Artist ‘Tilda’

LG AI LAB AI Artist ‘Tilda’

Full 3D Animation
‘The Life of Our Lord’

Real-time performance-capture-based digital character development and application of virtual shooting technology

The virtual technology applied to the space provides a dramatic sense of immersion to the audience or those exploring the space.
VA Corporation applies virtual technology to provide entertainment in spaces such as exhibitions/museums, performances, and theme parks and provides active viewing and new, enjoyable experiences through interaction between space directors and space explorers.

Development of immersive content for the National Museum of Korea

Production of digital immersive content such as<The King's Procession, Together with the People>,<Ascending Mt. Geumgang>

Holiday Inn Hainan, Kids Park Exhibition

Planning, development, and implementation of the 20m high panda projection show.

Goyang Children's Museum, Immersive contents

Immersive content with the motif of the Janghang Wetland of Goyang

V STAGE is an optimized Virtual Production-only asset library platform based on IP data.
Virtual production shooting is possible in VA Studio using V STAGE's 3D/2D Stage.

Locker Room



Indoor and Outdoor

New York City

Foreign Country(USA)



Club House


City Park

Indoor and Outdoor



Wind Farm Hill


Keynote Stage


Incheon Airport


Live Commerce


Live Commerce

We plan and produce various content using virtual production and distribute and invest in global OTT platforms such as Netflix.

Seoul Vibe

Planned, produced by ANDMARQ

Queen Woo

Planned, produced by ANDMARQ

Maneuver Patrol

Produced, Invested & Distributed by ACEMAKER

To You

Produced, Invested & Distributed by ACEMAKER

Provide Photographs : N.EX.T VISUAL CREATE BOOK - N.EX.T FOREVER ART of JEON SANG IL (zeonseegong)

The 7 Years' War

Co-produced by SARAM Entertainment with Bigstone Pictures

Taoist Supergirl

Produced, Invested & Distributed by ACEMAKER


Produced, Invested & Distributed by ACEMAKER

Dead Man

Co-produced by SARAM Entertainment with Palette Pictures


Co-produced by SARAM Entertainment with Director Mike Figgis
As a virtual production professional, we create new way to advertise using digital environment.


'It hurts even if you can't see it'


'Product 3D motion'


'Brand PR'


'Always On Your Side'


'Brand PR'


'Flower MBTI'
VA Corporation works with HuskyFox and Cosmicray for branding: add more color and vibrancy to your brand,
creating a consistent brand value from the start to success.




English Gem Brand Identity


ATCH ON Brand Identity




Fossula Brand Identity & Product Design


Nexon MapleStroy Contents Movie Package


Blank Brand & BI Movie


MX Channel Design Package


IF KAKAO 2020 Online Conference Movie Package


Samsung Innovation Museum Section Movie


SM Entertainment Coex Artium Media Art